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Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays

Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays The holidays can be difficult for those dealing with grief and loss. This loss may have been recent, or it could have taken place a long time ago. Your loss may be from a death. However, your loss could be from people who are alive, but are…

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There Are No Stages of Grief For Those Dealing with the Death of a Loved One

There Are No Stages of Grief For Those Dealing with the Death of a Loved One: What People Really Go Through in Grief When I was in grad school in the late 80s, we received minimal training on grief. We had one elective class called ‘Death and Dying’. Other than that, we were taught about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ 5…

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Free Self-Care Summit

In times of uncertainty, loss, and change, it is very important to find ways to take care of yourself. With that in mind, a free virtual Self-Care Summit is taking place next month. The summit is presented by the Heart Mind Institute and Wisdom for Life. It takes place from May 10-16, 2022. Over 35 people…

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Free Grief Education Webinars

These Grief Education Webinars Take Place Throughout the Year I wanted to let you all know about some free grief education webinars that are taking place through the organizations Kitchen Table Conversations and AARP. These webinars take place almost every Thursday through Zoom from 9:30am to 11:00am Mountain Time The topics include: Why Men Grieve Differently and How…

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My new blog!

A New Mental Health Blog by Hope Weiss, Licensed Psychotherapist Covering Different Topics Including Grief and Loss, Self-Care, Inspirational Stories & Resources in Your Community In this blog, I will be posting information that I hope you will find interesting, moving, inspirational or funny. I may share books that I have read, educational pieces, movie…

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