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An empowered woman raising her arms with confetti. This photo represents the joy, high self-esteem, self-compassion, lower stress and happiness that women feel when they become empowered. Hope Weiss offers women empowerment counseling in Colorado. Hope is based in Longmont, Colorado.

Do you feel invisible, not listened to, and that your feelings and thoughts do not matter? 

Would you like to connect back to your wants and needs?

Society and upbringing have often encouraged women to be people pleasers, caregivers and the caretaker to others.

  • Did you grow up in a family where you received praise and positive attention only when you did what others wanted you to do?
  • Were your thoughts and feelings not honored as being important?
  • Have you been in a relationship where you felt you lost yourself, and the focus became on the other person?

We may slowly give away parts of ourselves to make others happy. Maybe you are feeling tired, exhausted, and have a difficult time concentrating because it is hard for you to say no, and set boundaries with others.

Others describe you as a kind and empathic woman who cares about people. You have a lot of compassion for others, but may not direct that compassion towards yourself. You have put a lot of energy into taking care of others – partners, kids, family, friends, work colleagues…

You may realize that because your energy and time have been focused on other’s needs, you may have lost sight of…

  • What matters to you.
  • How YOU feel about things.
  • What you want to do that can bring some more fun and meaning into your life apart from these roles that you play. 

You may feel angry about how you have been treated. In the past, it may not have felt safe to express this anger.

You may also ask yourself if it is okay to put the focus on yourself, and your own needs. You may have the idea that focusing on yourself means that you are selfish, and a bad person. Have you been told that you are selfish for doing things for yourself?

Even with those negative messages and critical inner thoughts, deep down you believe that you need to make a change in your life! You feel motivated to work to create this change!

Counseling can help you feel empowered.

So, what does this empowerment really look like? 

  • You have more self-acceptance and self-compassion ( + you have learned ways to tame your inner-critic).
  • You pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.
  • You are able to speak up and share your feelings with others (you have a voice).
  • You have found ways to decrease stress in your life.
  • You have learned ways to increase self-care in your life.
  • You have created better boundaries with others.
  • You have a community of people in your life who are supportive and uplifting.

Therapy is an opportunity, in a safe space, to:

  • Shine the light on yourself.
  • You can explore your needs, wants, feelings and thoughts in a validating and supportive environment.
  • Become the person you are meant to be in this lifetime!

Together, let’s work to create your empowered and fulfilling life!

Because the therapeutic fit is so important, I offer a free 20-minute video or phone consultation. 

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A Longmont Times Call article about my work with women:

Longmont Times Article about Hope Weiss' work with women.

Here is a quote from one of the women who attended the workshop mentioned in this article:

“After 24 years of living with an emotionally abusive, controlling, and unfaithful spouse, I suffered from depression, had very little self-esteem, and had lost all sense of who I was. The ‘Empower Yourself’ workshop was a turning point for me, helping me to find within myself the tools necessary to reclaim my life. As a result, I am happier, more hopeful, and free to be me!” 

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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they don’t have any.”