Heart traced in the sand on the beach.

In times of uncertainty, loss, and change, it is very important to find ways to take care of yourself. With that in mind, a free virtual Self-Care Summit is taking place next month. The summit is presented by the Heart Mind Institute and Wisdom for Life. It takes place from May 10-16, 2022. Over 35 people are presenting on various topics related to self-care.

Each day is dedicated to a different self-care focus.
Day 1: Physical Health
Day 2: Emotional & Mental Well-Being
Day 3: Social & Relationships
Day 4: Spiritual
Day 5: Professional & Workplace
Day 6: Financial & Home
Day 7: Next Steps: Creating a Self-Care Plan

You can benefit from attending this summit if you:
• Put others needs in front of your own.
• Think taking care of yourself means that you are being selfish.
• Have a hard time setting aside time for your own needs.
• Need to bring more balance into your life.
• Want to learn practices to bring in more joy and meaning.

Click here for information about the summit.

If you would like to work on the issues discussed in this summit such as creating more self-care, bringing in more joy and meaning and transforming limiting beliefs you can schedule a free 20-30-minute consultation.