What a wonderful group of women that attended the "Empower Yourself' workshop on February 23rd! If you would like to be informed about my future transformational 'Empower Yourself' workshops please send me an email or contact me at the telephone number listed below.

Topics we cover in this experiental workshop:

• Transitioning from being a people pleaser to one who sets boundaries and says yes to yourself

• Self-care

• The roles we choose to play in our lives

• How to tame your inner critic

Comments and testimonials from the wonderful women who have attended these 'Empower Yourself' workshops:

•  "After 24 years of living with an emotionally abusive, controlling, and unfaithful spouse, I suffered from depression, had very little self-esteem, and had lost all sense of who I was. The 'Empower Yourself' workshop was a turning point for me, helping me to find within myself the tools necessary to reclaim my life. As a result, I am happier, more hopeful, and free to be me!"  Kim Balsman

• "Excellent seminar - so informative! This will make a positive impact in my life."

• "I felt that this workshop gave me the tools I needed to become empowered, and I feel an improvement already!" Melody M. 

• "Realized things I hadn’t before, even with therapy."

• "I felt like I related to the other women, and the topic was very relevant." 

• "There was an atmosphere of sharing and caring."

• "Hope was easy to listen to, knowledgeable & kept our attention."

"Great workshop! You are an awesome facilitator and teacher."

 Thank you to all of the wonderful women who have attended the 'Empower Yourself' workshops! I appreciate the strength, honesty and openness that you brought to these workshops.

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